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High Holiday Challenge

In Honor of North Texas Giving Day…

The High Holiday Challenge Has Begun!



In conjunction with North Texas Giving Day, CBS is starting its annual High Holiday Challenge! What better way to start the New Year and support North Texas Giving Day than by helping CBS.


Although I don’t want to spoil my High Holiday Appeal sermon (especially since I haven’t finished it yet), I can tell you about how your donations have helped. Because of your generosity last year…


· …we were able to paint the outside of our building (which took many coats of paint) and replace the aging signage (which should be installed next week)

· …we purchased a maintenance plan for our Torahs and Sofer Onsite came to inspect and make repairs

· …we supported the Daffodil project and through Ellen Pincus’ amazing committee, created a flower bed where those beautiful bulbs bloomed in the Spring. We were also able to dig a second flower bed, ready for planting the next set of bulbs this Fall.

· …we are able to hire officers from the Arlington Police Department for all of our larger events, including B’nai Mitzvah services and the Gala.

As you all know, Fair Share is not enough. To be honest, with a smaller congregation like ours, Fair Share is barely enough to cover all of our day-to-day operating expenses. We need our congregation to grow, and we are on an upswing with 7 new member families joining in the past 2 months. But, we must supplement our fair share with other forms of income, such as the donations we receive from our High Holiday Challenge.


Some of the goals we have for this year’s Challenge include:


· Hiring police officers more often to guard our congregants during services. This also takes the burden off of our Board members and allows them to worship.

· Cantor Allen’s contract expires mid-2020. Although Cantor is a part-time clergy, she is our full-time spiritual leader. I’m sure you all agree that we would benefit immensely if we could afford to have Cantor lead more services in the future.

  1. in honor of North Texas Giving Day, please consider donating early, and increasing your donation from last year. We raised our goal slightly this year, hoping to raise $15,000. If we were all able to contribute, that would break down to $187.50 per member family, only $27.50 more per family than last year’s request. Go to our Facebook page to learn how to donate through the North Texas Giving Day Website. Or, even easier, make your donation through the CBS Website,, or send your check to our office.


I’ll make you a deal… the more we raise before Yom Kippur, the less you’ll have to hear me speak from the bimah… which means a shorter service!


Ketivah v’chatima tovah – May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.



Pam Sudbury



Congregation Beth Shalom

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Sat, August 8 2020 18 Av 5780