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CBS Kashrut Policies

Congregation Beth Shalom is an open and welcoming congregation that honors Jewish communal traditions, values, and practices while respecting personal autonomy.

This document on Jewish dietary practices (kashrut) seeks to provide a structure that will guide our congregation for synagogue functions but does not presume to dictate a home or personal practice for our members.

We recognize that this policy will not establish a kashrut level that is sufficient for all. However, we believe that this policy honors the values and traditions of Judaism, allowing all who attend our events a level of comfort, and falls respectfully within the continuum of practices of the Reform Movement.

In forming the policies that follow, we were careful to keep in mind the three values that the ritual committee agreed were most important. These are:

1. Inclusion/Diversity
3. Joy and Celebration.

The following foods are not to be brought into the synagogue:

-Shrimp or other similar shellfish
-Hard shell seafood such as clams, oysters, etc.
-Catfish, monkfish, shark, etc. (any fish without fins or without scales).
-Pork or any food item containing pork products (e.g. Spam or bacon).
-Baked goods that are made with lard.



1. Milk and meat may not be mixed at any meal, nor served as apart of the same meal at any synagogue function1.(e.g. no pizzas with meat, no cheeseburgers, no butterednoodles with beef tips [use parve margarine], etc.) 

2. Extra care must be taken to make sure that PARVE desserts are served WITH a meat meal (i.e., if lunch/dinner and dessert are put out at the same time).

3. Dairy desserts may be served AFTER a meat meal, as long as there is a separation between lunch/dinner and dessert (i.e.,all food & dishes are removed before dessert is set out).

Kosher Fish (fish with both fins and scales) is parve which means it is considered neither meat nor milk and can thus be served with either meat or milk.

As we do not have a Mashgiach (supervisor) entrusted with overseeing the preparation or selection of food and arranging of meals, everything will be left to the honor and vigilance of the people catering, to ensure that they have adhered to the Kashrut policies.

Observant members of our congregation are depending on you to honor these rules. When mistakes are made, they will be treated with sensitivity and humor.

Note: A copy of this policy will be posted in the kitchen. Any questions about details of or the implementation of this policy should be referred to the Ritual Committee.

Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784