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It is customary, but not mandatory, to make a donation in honor or memory of your loved one, or to recognize a special occasion/event in your family.  

You are encouraged to designate the General Fund or the Security Fund for your donation, however, you may choose any of the funds listed below for your contribution.

If you want to make a tribute as part of your donation, please double click the "Donate" tab on top of our home page and use that web page instead of this web page to enter your donation and tribute.

Help defray the escalating costs for security personnel at our campus.
Help defray operating costs.
To support CBS Caring Committee activities
Help cover the costs associated with the burial society and Shiva support
Helps to pay for additional sections of the Memorial Board located in the Sanctuary.
$54/plaque.  Not lit on the Memorial Board; and not announced
$25 donation inscribes Siddur Hadash. All other amounts stay in Fund for future purchases. Please provide inscription to front office $15 donation inscribes "A Minyan of Comfort". Please provide inscription to front office
Provides scholarship for students to attend Jewish Camps (e.g., Greene Family Camp) or enrichment programs
If you want to include a tribute with your donation (e.g., IMO, IHO tributes), you can provide it here.  You can also provide a short description about the payment.


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