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CBS Membership Renewal

The recommended Fair Share Commitment for this fiscal year is $1,560.00 per Family.
Please enter the total amount of Fair Share you can afford this year.
Platinum Donor: $2,300+*
Gold Donor: $2,200.00*
Silver Donor: $2,000.00*
Benefactor: $1,800.00*
*Includes Recognition in the HaShomer
If you pledged an additional amount but DO NOT want to be recognized in the HaShomer, please check this box. We thank you for your additional pledge!

   Mandatory Maintenance Fund (x $60.00)
   Mandatory Security Fund (x $240.00)The two mandatory fees required every year are $60.00 for the Building Maintenance Fund and a Security Fund Fee of $240.00 per family. Please select a minimum of 1 for each, or if you are able to give additional to either support a needy member family who may not be able to pay or you would like to generously offer additional please increase your quantity.
(x $300.00)
CBS thanks you for your generous contribution!

So that we may budget our income and expense, please help by indicating in the space below how and when you expect to be making your fair share pledge payment(s).
*If you selected either a single payment or two payment plan, please select what month(s) you will be making your fair share pledge. All others can skip this field.
Please note, this is just a generalization for our records and your selection can be changed later by contacting the office at any time or you can split payments across all payment methods.
Please check this box if you will be paying by credit/debit card. You will be provided with a secure payment form link after submission of this form or you may contact the office to setup the payment portion.
Please check this box if you prefer to pay by cash, check, or bank draft and will be submitting, mailing, or dropping off your payment.
Statements for outstanding balances will be sent by electronic mail. Please be sure to watch for these, as paper bills are only sent to those with no computer access.

From time to time the Sisterhood, Brotherhood or various committees may request address or phone number to publicize their activities. We do not share information with entities outside of Congregation Beth Shalom.

By checking this box and submitting this form, you agree to pay the total amount due for the upcoming CBS fiscal year membership renewal. You also understand that payments must by made in full by no later than June 30th, 2025 and that all information is true and accurate to the best of your information.
Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784